Monday, October 22, 2012

27 Weeks-size of a head of cauliflower

OMG-Flora is the size of a head of cauliflower?!?? Say it ain't so! Actually, I believe it. I feel baby girl moving all day, every day and my tummy feels larger by the hour. And I love it!

I've totally embraced being pregnant and love my new, more curvier body more then ever. Then again, I'm one to embrace most changes with a smile but this one has honestly been a breeze to adapt to. I've had it pretty easy for the past 7 months and I believe the remaining 89 DAYS are going to be nothing than more of the same. And that is very calming to me. I'm so proud of myself for passing all my medical tests with flying colors, eating right, and exercising regularly with the help and motivation of my sweet Husband and daughter in my tummy. It feels SO good to treat my body right. Being pregnant has been a journey I've cherished and although, I'm very much looking forward to holding our sweet baby girl in my arms, I can easily say I'm going to miss being pregnant. I have told a few of you this already, but I occasionally joke to B telling him that I feel so good, we should do this every year-that is makin' a baby! :)

So with all that said and done, here we are about to celebrate our 2nd year wedding anniversary, tomorrow, 10-23-10! We started celebrating yesterday evening with dinner and a live music show at Terrapin Crossroads. Owner and bass player for the Grateful Dead, (some of you may have heard of that band!) Phil Lesh has opened up a true gem in Marin, right on the water, serving only local and organic items. We enjoyed a cozy table for two by the window, devoured our meals and indulged in mouthwatering desserts-I had homemade chocolate peanut butter ice cream-'nuff said! After a stroll around the property we headed into the on-site music venue to watch Phil himself, his two sons and a few friends jam to some classic Grateful Dead tunes. I know a few songs thanks to Brian, but this show was my present for him to really enjoy. Seeing him mouth off every lyric to every song and DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY brought me so much joy. It's his smiles and happiness that make life worth living for me and last night he was on cloud 9.

And on to more important matters, (I'm totally joking here) the San Francisco Giants are playing the last and final game of the National League Championships tonight, at home in SF!!!!! Fingers crossed they win and win fast because god knows I can NOT handle any more torturous games. I can't yell and scream at the tv like I used to these days, so win fast boys and on to the World Series we go, ok?!??!

Cheers friends and family, far and near. You are missed dearly.
B diving into some oysters!
Terrapin's dining room, one of their many rooms to dine in.
Harvest Hoedown Show-waiting for the band to come out!
Peace & love
Sunday morning snuggle sess!
Misty was apparently cold & snuck under the covers to warm up!

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